The inpatient department is coordinated at the customer care desk located at the reception area of the hospital. The inpatient division consists of: – Wards – Operating theatres and – Maternity wing Jocham hospital has a 43 bed capacity allocated as follows: – Paediatric ward has 8 beds. – Female ward has 13 beds. – Male ward has 12 beds and, – Maternity wing 10 beds. The hospital is NHIF accredited with a rebate rate of Ksh. 1,500 per day that was effected from 1 st may 2008 up to date.

All wards are headed by a Head of department and supported by senior nurses and cleaning staff with a one to one patient nurse allocation. Each bed is fitted with an oxygen supply and a bell to summon a nurse in case of an emergency. The beds have adjustable inclination knobs to suit individual and medically recommended resting position. Access to kitchen services, washrooms, and a relaxation garden is a necessary facility that the hospital has assured its patients. Accommodation facilities range from self contained private rooms, semi private {double bed} and the general ward bed {four beds cubicles} to enhance patients choice.

Inpatient FAQs

Can family members visit patients in the inpatient department?

Yes, family members are generally allowed to visit patients in the inpatient department during specified visiting hours. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, visitation policies may be limited.

What is the process for discharge from the inpatient department?

Your doctor will determine when you are ready for discharge and provide you with instructions on aftercare and follow-up appointments. The hospital will also provide you with a discharge summary and any necessary prescriptions.

How can I provide feedback about my experience in the inpatient department?

The hospital welcomes feedback from patients and their families. You can provide feedback through surveys, online reviews, or by contacting the hospital’s patient advocacy department.