Maternity Care

The maternity wing takes care of expectant mothers and their newborn babies. The ward comprises of maternity, labour room and nursery. We take good care of expectant mothers during pregnancy, labour and after delivery. Child welfare clinic and childbirth education classes are offered. Nursery is where the new born babies are admitted for close monitoring. The well babies room in with their mothers. We have education sessions for the mothers on baby bathing, breast feeding techniques, cord care and general baby care on daily basis. The unwell and premature babies requiring close monitoring and stabilisation from birth complications are admitted in the premature unit. Here we have specialised teams of neonatal nurses who monitor the baby either by nursing them in the incubator or cot. Jocham hospital gives the clients an opportunity to plan their deliveries through a maternity cover package which may be paid for in instalments until the delivery day.

Health Tips & Info

I’m thinking about getting pregnant — how can I preprare?

Try to change your lifestyle to be as healthy as possible when you start planning pregnancy. Healthy eating habits and light physical activity are great ways to invest in your future baby’s health.

I take prescription medications and just found out I am pregnant, what should I do?

You should consult a physician. Never stop a prescription medication until you have spoken to a doctor first, many medications should be continued in pregnancy. The only prescription medication you can stop when pregnant without consulting a doctor is the birth control pill.

What can I do about nausea during pregnancy?

Nausea is very common in the first trimester of pregnancy and usually diminishes by the time you are 12-13 weeks pregnant. To help with nausea you can: eat small frequent meals; drink lots of fluids (cold, clear carbonated beverages often help); avoid hot, spicy, fatty and odorous foods; avoid heat; try to get lots of rest (being tired will contribute to your nausea); eat slowly; and avoid lying down after eating. Vitamin B6 can be used to help with nausea in pregnancy, also your doctor can prescribe medication if required. You should seek help if you are vomiting repetitively, getting dehydrated, unable to eat or drink for 12 hours, or are losing weight.