Theatre Services

Jocham Hospital is pleased to have a modern state of the art operation theatre, which is well equipped to handle day cases, endoscopy and other surgical procedures. 

Our theatre is capable of carrying out major sub-specialties of surgery as follows:

Theatre FAQs

Do you accept all insurances?

We accept a majority of medical insurances – certain plans / options may restrict your choice of hospital or require a co-payment. If you are unsure please contact our admissions staff or your insurance to find out more.

Why can I not eat before my procedure?

You may not eat or drink for 6 to 8 hours before your surgery this is due to “aspiration”. Aspiration means that foreign material such as vomit, food or liquid is inhaled or blown into your trachea or lungs. When you are under anaesthesia or unconscious your body’s reflexes are temporarily stopped and if you have food or liquid in your stomach this can be expelled into your lungs – which is very dangerous.